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What is domiciliary care?

What is domiciliary care and how does it work? The way domiciliary care works is as follows:

Customers have the right to expect that:
Quality Home Care will always make sure that the care worker who visits you is capable to do the work required. That is why we visit you before the care starts to establish exactly what is required. In that way we can ascertain that the care worker(s) who visit you are the right people for you.
Quality Home Care will then use the details we have agreed (known as the care plan) as the basis for our relationship. The creation of the care plan will not be one-sided but is an agreement about how the care will work.
Quality Home Care accept that our place of work is first and foremost our customer’s home. We will not carry out activities which are not in the best interests of the customer or against their wishes.

what is domiciliary care

what is domiciliary care

Quality Home Care has no right to judge how someone lives or how their home looks.
Quality Home Care don’t do things to people, we do things with them. We value the thought, opinions and views and welcome these.
Quality Home Care recognise that there may be other people involved in looking after a customer. This may be a friend, a family member or any other person. We will respect and encourage their involvement, if this is agreed by the customer.
Quality Home Care will not discuss any customer’s care, financial or personal life except in a professional way and in an appropriate setting.
• Care will be set up properly in advance and that a named individual will have responsibility for the package. All care packages will be reviewed at least every six months. This may include quality monitoring and arranging any necessary changes.
Quality Home Care’s customers are asked to understand and respect that we value our staff and have legal responsibilities to them. We will not put members of staff into situations where they are either at risk or where they are subject to harassment or intimidation. Customers are respectfully asked not to smoke when our care workers are in their presence.

What is domiciliary care- tasks which care workers may perform?

The ‘Care Plan’ will detail the actual tasks which have been agreed in the particular case of each customer’s care.

Typical examples of what is domiciliary care include:

• Helping you with your personal care and hygiene
• Helping you with getting up and going to bed
• Prompting, assisting or administering your prescribed medication
• Preparing meals and/or helping you at mealtimes
• Pension collection and/or shopping
• Collecting and returning medication from pharmacies/dispensing GP surgeries
• Laundry
• Domestic cleaning
• Assisting you in your social activities i.e. attending day centres, visiting friends, clubs etc.


Tasks domiciliary care workers may not perform:

• Assist or administer illegal substances or homely remedies
• Fill ‘dosset’ boxes or be involved with medication which is not in acceptable packaging
• Give injections
• Manage syringe drivers
• Change dressings
• Give medications via a PEG/PEJ feeding system
• Insert or withdraw catheters (although they can change catheter bags and empty them)
• Cut toe nails

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