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Quality Home Care : Code Of Practice

 Quality Home Care : Code of Practice states that

• We will provide the agreed service to the very highest standard we can achieve.
• We understand that care provision is about people and that we have a responsibility to make sure that care is delivered with the minimum fuss or upheaval.
• People living at home and receiving care should enjoy the rights and opportunities afforded to all other members of the community. The rights and the dignity of every customer are enshrined in everything we do.

Quality Home Care Code Of Practice

Quality Home Care Code Of Practice

• Whilst we do not try to pretend that we are perfect we will always try our hardest. If we do get something wrong we will admit it and do our best to put it right.
• We will respect the rights of customers and of all members of staff. We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind and will work actively against it.
• We believe that domiciliary and live-in care has a significant role to play in the care of some people. However we will never encourage someone to receive an inappropriate care package simply for our own advantage.
• The well being of all our customers will always be the most important thing.
• We will act with care, compassion and understanding whilst at the same time being honest and straightforward. We believe that everyone has the right to make informed decisions about their care.
• We acknowledge that we cannot provide the standards of care we seek to achieve without the dedicated support of our workforce and we will therefore act as a fair and just employer in our dealing with all members of staff.
• We will act with discretion and confidentiality when dealing with, or discussing, customers and will always respect any individual’s rights and expectations.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering elderly home care services near Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Lincoln then please call Quality Home Care on 01472 241198 and talk to our caring staff about your needs.

Quality Home Care provides In-home Care for the elderly and disabled in the North East Lincolnshire (UK) area.

Serving Home Care Help in Grimsby, Immingham, Cleethorpes, Lincoln and surrounding communities.

Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes

Managing Director at Quality Home Care
Michael is the founder of Quality Home Care. He has a BA (Hons) degree and a Training Certificate from the University of Manchester.Michael has many years in business and believes that customers are at the heart of everything we do. Before he started Quality Home Care, Michael took personal care of his mother who succumbed to a long battle with cancer and dementia. Michael's experience of looking after his mother, holding down a job and raising a teenage daughter made him realise that there is a large need to further assist people with any type of disability as well as the elderly and their families.
Michael Hughes

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