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Careers in Domiciliary Care Grimsby

Are you thinking of working in Domiciliary Care Grimsby in the N E Lincs area?

Have a look at this video as this will give you a greater understanding of what Domiciliary Care Grimsby is about.

Being a domiciliary care worker in the Grimsby area means that you will work in peoples homes in the N E Lincolnshire area. You will help people in their homes. You will be given a list of clients that you need to attend and you will have to travel between those clients.
The day will often start with you getting your clients up in the morning and helping them to get washed, dressed and help them to prepare breakfast.

As a domiciliary care worker it is your job to support people to live independent lives. The job of a domiciliary care worker in N E Lincs is  fulfilling and rewarding as you will be playing an important role in the Grimsby community.
You will get a tremendous amount of job satisfaction at the end of the day.

If you would like to become a domiciliary care worker in the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham areas then please contact Quality Home Care on telephone 01472 241198.

Quality Home Care offers domiciliary care to the elderly and disabled in the N E Lincolnshire area.


Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes

Managing Director at Quality Home Care
Michael is the founder of Quality Home Care. He has a BA (Hons) degree and a Training Certificate from the University of Manchester.Michael has many years in business and believes that customers are at the heart of everything we do. Before he started Quality Home Care, Michael took personal care of his mother who succumbed to a long battle with cancer and dementia. Michael's experience of looking after his mother, holding down a job and raising a teenage daughter made him realise that there is a large need to further assist people with any type of disability as well as the elderly and their families.
Michael Hughes

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