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Three Signs You Need Home Care Help in Grimsby

Three Signs You Need Home Care Help in Grimsby

There are signs to look out for that you or your loved one may need Home Care Help in Grimsby and surrounding areas.

QualityHome Care Help in Grimsby

Quality Home Care Help in Grimsby

You or your loved one maybe losing interest in doing house work, vacuuming and dusting seems like a real chore.

For those who are elderly, at some point may need more help than they are willing to admit.Experience has taught me that there are three signs to look out for that you or your elderly loved one could do with some form of home care assistance:

1. Having trouble getting dressed in the morning

2. Getting in and out of the bath or shower

3. Laundry piling up and your personal hygiene maybe suffering

Having trouble getting dressed in the morning:Home Care Help in Grimsby

It’s not just what to wear that’s an age old issue, but how to get it on when joints and muscles refuse to work as they used to.
For elderly ladies the problem is much worse than it is for men. Most mens clothing seems to zip or fasten at the front but for women it can be at the side or even at the back! How do women do it?

Pulling up trousers and tights is tricky for elderly people.  Getting undressed is almost as awkward.
If you are buying clothes for an elderly person who struggles getting dressed then elasticated waists and loose tops may help?

Getting in and out of the bath or shower:Home Care Help in Grimsby

Most elderly people find bath time a struggle – getting out of the bath is more difficult than getting in. The problem is at some point in the manoeuvre it is necessary to balance on one leg. This can be unnerving as one ages and the prospect of slipping or falling is very real.

This may cause some people to avoid bathing and their personal hygiene will suffer accordingly
If you or your loved one is having trouble with  balance or the strength in the legs, this could indicate that it’s time to consider home care..

Laundry piling up and housework:Home Care Help in Grimsby

Many older people experience problems with house work and often a tell tale sign is that the laundry is piling up.

Problems in doing house work and laundry  are closely linked to other health problems. Elderly people may not have the required stamina to undertake these chores.

People with arthritis may be unable to operate a washing machine. Failing eyesight and hearing can also make house more difficult.

When the laundry piles up because the elderly individual has trouble getting up and down the stairs with it in his or her arms, then the default decision is often to just skip it altogether. Not doing the laundry is much easier than risking a fall.

Home Care Help in Grimsby

If you notice that you or your loved one is experiencing or exhibiting any of these signs, or more, then it’s likely time to consider hiring home care for the elderly to help out around the house. If you feel that it’s a matter of pride that you don’t, then you’re placing your health, and potentially even your life, in jeopardy because of it.

Sometimes, home care is simply the best idea, and option, to stay safe and healthy at home.

In most cases, the older person will be the best judge of his or her own need for help with daily living.

If you are worried about the person you are caring for, you should discuss these issues openly and with sensitivity. To understand the problem, it is necessary to understand the person. The exception is when daily living problems arise because of a disease that affects memory, such as Alzheimer’s disease or, at times, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and other illnesses.

My late  elderly mother had severe short term memory loss and every day she had to be re-introduced to her carer as couldn’t remember ever meeting them – despite the fact that they had been coming daily for months.

When  memory is a factor, the help needed usually involves reminders, coaching, and assistance to ensure the person’s safety and completion of the activity.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering elderly home care services near  Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Lincoln then please call Quality Home Care on 01472 241198 and talk to our caring staff about your needs.

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